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communism in english


[03:12] < constant> american english totally makes no sense: why is it, noun/verb, license/license, instead of licence/license, but practice/practice instead of practice/practise? :/
[03:13] < marco> that is the left over shit from actual english
[03:15] < constant> why do they make it right in british english, then?
[03:16] < marco> because that is even worse
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[03:17] < constant> of course, a simple rule that nouns are -ce, and verbs are -se, is worse. :)
[03:18] < constant> compared to arbitrary -ce or -se for the word regardless of noun/verb status in en-US.
[03:18] < marco> you are just trying to inject some communism in english
[03:20] < constant> lol
[03:21] < constant> that's the best response i've ever got for this quest into the language! :)
[03:21] [constant] [1:#openbsd] [Act: 3]
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pointer arithmetic

The CERT C Secure Coding Standard (SEI Series in Software Engineering) by Robert C. Seacord (Paperback - Oct 24, 2008)
Excerpt - page 108: "... = NULL; A similar situation occurred in OpenBSD's make command [Murenin 071. Compliant Solution To correct this example, the struct big ..."

Случайно наткнулся, приятный сюрприз. :)
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A/C design failures

In a two-storey condo (or house), if you have the air intake for the central A/C system in the basement, and the second (e.g. top) floor vents are on the floor level, then good luck with being able to not freeze on the first floor / basement, and not sweat on the second floor (even if the A/C is running all day long, and the outside temperatures are just below 30°C). Now it makes perfect sense why, one way or another, the top floor has to have an active air intake, and why is it so common that the vents on the top floor are coming from the ceiling. It's physics, stupid!
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CSS :visited

(from someone via hackers)

It appears to be an interesting design failure in the CSS specification: since one can specify different styles for links depending on whether or not they were visited by the user, one can specify different images for every link that has been visited, and provide the user with a big collection of possible links, and then, depending on which images are requested from the server, some (rather limited) browsing history of the user is revealed to an unauthorised host.

P.S. Actually, it's old news, of course, thanks to some commenters on slashdot: (Bug 57351 - css on a:visited can load an image and/or reveal if visitor been to a site. 2000-10-19 16:57 PDT by Jesse Ruderman) (Bug 147777 - :visited support allows queries into global history. 2002-05-28 21:29 PDT by David Baron [:dbaron])

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регистрация доменов .su / .ru

Цены по регистрации и продлению доменов для нерезидентов в долларах США после изменения курса валюты стали совершенно изумительными. Сегодня 23,6 USD будет 723 RUR, в то время как в рублях те же услуги оказываются за 600 руб, в то время как реальная стоимость услуги не превышает 100 руб. При этом, как выясняется, изменить валюту договора не представляется возможным. (Одно хорошо -- договор теперь в письменном виде заключать, вроде как, уже больше не обязательно.)

Имеются 7 доменов .su, два домена .ru. Куда лучше свалить и как? Регистрация одного из доменов в .su сейчас уже закончилась (можно ли перенести такой домен без предварительной оплаты по старому договору?), регистрация нескольких доменов .ru заканчивается очень скоро.

Я так понимаю, что отныне популярны партнёрские соглашения? Аккредитованные регистраторы обязаны оказывать услуги не ниже минимальной цены в 590 RUR за регистрацию доменов .ru, например? Не особенно понятно, кому выгоден данный нижний предел; создаётся впечатление, что он существует исключительно для поддержания марки и факта дороговизны отечественных доменов, т.к. настоящие киберсквоттеры, очевидно, всё равно получают оптовые цены с всевозможных партнёрских программ, покупая домены .ru по 90 рублей за штуку вместо 600. Страдает, как всегда, рядовой пользователь.

В общем, не особенно понятно, что конечному пользователю необходимо делать. неоправданно дорог, даже его собственная партнёрская программа большой скидки конечному пользователю не предоставит, и для контракта по NIC-REG необходимо, опять же, заключать письменный договор; какие-то несерьёзные ребята (весь сайт написан корявым языком, интерфейс оказался вообще никчёмным, партнёрское соглашение (пункт 2.2.8) подразумевает обязательное наличие восьмичасовой службы поддержки), уйти, что ли, к Или mastername? Или куда ещё? Почему вообще до сих пор столько народу используют Русское развлечение, чем дороже -- тем лучше? :)

И вообще, регистрировать домены исключительно на себя по партнёрским соглашениям, и mastername -- официально не запрещается?
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microsoft windows xp uptime

It is widely claimed that Microsoft Windows is totally unstable. In my experience with Windows XP, it has been more stable than any other operating system I've used, including OS X and OpenBSD. (Of course, my usage patterns with OS X and OpenBSD substantially differ, but that is still besides the point.)

I've logged into my office box under Windows XP SP2 sometime in February 2008. During the first few months, I was usually putting it to sleep for the night, and then resuming it in the morning. Since summer 2008, it has often been running 24/7 most of the time, since I wanted to have the possibility of accessing it from home.

Rewind to 2009-04. There have been several electricity spikes at UW back in 2008, and my OpenBSD box, running on the cheap Asus Terminator C3 hardware, has been rebooted several times due to these spikes that lasted only about a second each, has had the networking driver come onto an unfunctional state several times (with only `ifconfig vr0 down && ifconfig vr0 up` fixing the problem). The Windows box was still running, despite the electricity spikes, installation of printer drivers that, supposedly, required reboot, and even playing with VirtualBox didn't affect system stability.

It was only in early May 2009 that I've found the box rebooted one time when I came back to the office. It was halted in the bios screen with the "CPU Fan Error!" "Press F1 to Resume" message (since I was running Speed Fan, the fans were running on low voltage). Upon booting, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 informed me that "the system has recovered from a serious error". Perhaps some bit has flipped over more than a year of uptime... Over a year of uptime, yes, on Windows XP.

What does this story prove? Nothing. Well, if I had to choose between Windows XP or Linux for my desktop / window manager experience, you know what I might as well go for. PuTTY works, so does Far Manager.

P.S. Since the system was rebooted, the Automatic Updates Service came up again (once being Stopped to avoid the terrific annoyance), offering SP3. After sp3 installation, all printers have stopped working (so much for restarting the system after driver installations!); so I had to use the System Restore feature to restore to the pre-sp3 state, and disable Automatic Updates for good. Let the box live happily ever after. :)
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filtering spam from your bank

A good way to filter spam from legitimate companies is by noticing your name at the start of the subject line.

So much for CONSTANTINE MURENIN, please log on to your HSBC Internet Banking Account.

Important messages have important subjects; if they think they are sending me spam, such that they have to put my name in the subject field (effectively spamming my mailbox view), then they are in fact sending me spam.
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* blinkers are totally optional in quebec, practically noone ever uses them to change lanes; unlike in ontario, where you won't find practically anyone without this habit of legal driving
* after spending the last 8 months in ontario and very slightly in Buffalo / NYS, was really surprising to see all the cars on the street without front number plates (in montreal)
* people in toronto are driving indeed much nicer than in montreal
* if a jerk on a truck is going next to some other tracker side-by-side on a two-lane-in-each-direction motorway, as a matter of course (and not temporarily) and to slow the whole highway down, wait until there's some exit to somewhere, and pass both of the fellas in the sports mode on the exit lane (no need to spend any time on an idiot that doesn't know how to drive)
* parking in Toronto is free after 21:00. Can call goog local to ask for jun-jun sushi, and then confirm that they're open late, and eat the best japanese food for an exceptionally low price
* found food in montreal to be subpar compared to my favourites in toronto and kitchener; china town is tiny, and those plastic/whatever reusable chop-sticks are impossible to use -- they're too slick to grab and hold any food -- the recyclable wooden chopsticks in ontario are much nicer
* people in the us generally don't travel outside of the us; people in canada generally don't travel outside of the us and canada; people in quebec generally don't travel outside of quebec. :)
* takes about 4.5 hours to reach ottawa from kw, btw. Of course, that's not 100 km/h. :)
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Jabber/GTalk/iChat vs. Skype

Some people ask me why don't I use Skype. The reason for this is that I already have quite a number of accounts for various instant messaging. iChat is available as the standard part of OS X, and although the video and audio codecs of iChat don't appear to be compatible with any other Jabber / GTalk clients, the nature of the Jabber protocol allows me to switch to any open-source programme and still keep the contact list intact.

Not the least thing to mention, Skype has a bad security and privacy reputation (that is, even if we disregard the proprietary nature of the protocol and the commercial nature of the official implementation), so I don't see much reason to start the addiction. In the end, a lot of the people I know are already running OS X, so it's not even an argument that they can't video chat with me if there's a need to. ;)