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click of the button [Вт, 2009-09-01T17:31]
Constantine A. Murenin
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Don't you just love how you can order service with the click of a button, yet when you need to annul or cancel it, you specifically have to phone in, or, better yet, fax some stuff for them to process it? (Pardon me, what's a fax in the first place? Are we still in the 80s? Isn't it just 4 months 'til 2010?)

I think VISA / MasterCard should make it specifically illegal for companies to be doing that -- there must be a way to cancel or return the service / unused portions of the service via the same methods by which you purchase it.

From: alexakarpov
Pardon me, what's a fax in the first place?


fiercely, madly do I hate people and organizations who impose their barbaric communication methods on me!
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