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"we don't give a fuck" culture, v-dub service centre edition

For my 5K service, Crosby VW (Kitchener) overfilled the oil above the MAX mark. I had to find this stuff on my own, and had to come several times to the dealership to have them finally fix it. Before I started making a scene, no urgency at all was given to my appointment to have the oil drained as per specification. When the extra oil was finally drained, there were some oil marks under the bonnet / on the grille and on the engine (e.g. the service guys just cannot do the job without making a mess). During that incident, the service advisor once checked the oil level together with me, using a paper towel to wipe the oil stick, and wiping the whole bloody stick from head to toe with this paper towel, such that the stick is full of paper residue. Now recalling it, she even did it "better" than that: she was wiping it with the paper towel as (in other words, during the time) she was putting it back into the engine, so that the paper residue would simply go straight down towards the oil pan... I could almost scream inside, I didn't know what to do! I couldn't find the words to point this one out!

Last Friday, I called multiple dealerships for tyre replacement, since I had a piece of glass stuck in one of my tyres. Waterloo 190 + 25, Kitchener 190 + 20, Cambridge 195 + 15, Guelph 209, Toronto Downtown 210, Greenville 141 USD + 30 USD, had these Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 205/55R16 91H for 122 USD (now on Monday it's 108 USD, hm). Cambridge had the tyres in stock, others could order it to have it in a day or two. I set up a 10 o'clock Monday appointment with Kitchener, since that's where I've been to a number of times.

Today, in Crosby VW (Kitchener), I was confirmed the tyre is irreparable, and was given a quote of 240 CAD + tax to replace a flat tyre. I told her I was told it's going to be 210 when I called them earlier, and that several dealerships provided me with the same price. She started to tell me that I have Michelin tyres, which are more expensive, and that she doesn't know who I was talking with. And in any case, the quote was given as 220 tyre + 20 installation as labour description, totalling 240 for labour, and then 2-dollar-something for the valve stem. 240 labour, 2 bucks for parts. I asked, why is it 240 for labour? She tells me, she doesn't know the bloody part number to list it "properly". WTF? She finally did give me an updated quote for 210 installed (again, 210 is for "labour"); I asked why it was 240 in the previous quote, she said it was a misquote or something. (BTW, before that, the service guy didn't seem to care that my tyre brand is MXV4 S8, he didn't seem to care that it was S8, although I know for sure that there are other MXV4 models out there in this size.) She told me that they could have it in stock in the afternoon, 1, 2 or 3, don't remember.

Fuck Kitchener V-dub. I told her I need to call someone, and went to my car to make a call. I called Cambridge VW. They confirmed again that they had it in stock and could install it right away. I got back into the building, and told Kitchener that I'm going to a different dealership that has the tyre in stock (just because other individuals here and there are not responsible, doesn't mean I have to fall at their level).

So anyhow, it took Cambridge about an hour to do the job (WTF?). I arrived 10:53, left 12:10. The wheel of the replaced tyre now appears to have a few minor scratches. (WTF? They can't take due care of a 2008 Jetta?) The instruments were left over in the boot without being secured in the spare tyre section. Well, at least the tyre appears to have an identical brand and size specifications, although it's unclear where it's manufactured (the old one was in the USA)... Back to the scratches of the alloy wheel -- what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to note it to them? Am I supposed to make a scene? Every time, on every dealership meeting? Frankly, I just don't have the time and patience anymore to continue making scenes for such things; at the same time, it's totally not acceptable to me that they cause these minor mishaps / damages here and there all the time. Yeah, and for every visit, V-dub cleans your car... The car is now clean, but that wheel which they've changed is totally dirty, and has these additional scratches and dirt marks due to the job that they did. WTF? You can clean my whole car, but can't clean my bloody wheel which you've made extra dirty?

So, yeah... And, BTW, browsing around new cars: it appears that in Canada, it's totally optional to have the full MSRP and complete specification Letter attached to each new car, like we have in the US. Also, it appears that all Jettas and Rabbits don't have the TPMS in Canada, whereas they (all?) do in the US (mine does)... Gas mileage estimates are also questionable (and available only in some brochure, unlike in the US, where they are part of the specification that's attached to a window of every new car), and it's unclear if they are even controlled by any external agency like they are in the US by EPA. It's at times like this that I'm proud of being considered an American, because we have stuff and Ralph Nader does care.

In Venice they have canals instead if roads. It is a terrible place.
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