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Citi and Chase


I've applied for a Shell Platinum Select MasterCard from Citi Cards yesterday. Guess what: I was surprised that at this time and day, their online application didn't work in mozilla! (I'm not even mentioning the first page of their Shell MasterCard application website, which doesn't correctly render in mozilla as well.) To be more precise, after I've completed the application, there was this screen called "Shell Processing... Please Wait" with "it may take up to one minute to process your request", and I've waited a total of at least three minutes, and nothing happened! I've had to manually read the code of the page, and write "javascript:SubmitApp.submit()" in the address line before it went further. How could they be so shortsighted in designing these apps?

Other than that Citi had a pretty nice registration process. What I specifically liked is that they allow you to register for online account access and for online bill payment immidiately after your account is approved. What I didn't like is that they do not allow you to login with these credintials until your card arrives in the mail, so the early registration is a tiny bit pointless...

But it looks like the fact that you tell them that you want to use online account management at the very start makes it possible for them to give you the printed copies of any and all agreements about online account services, so you don't have to agree to any online! Well, I'm not sure about this one, but we'll see...


Now let's go to the Chase online banking — I've applied for their card about a week ago, and the card came into my mailbox a few days ago. So it was now time to register it for online account management. I've started the registration. The first page was to select account type: Personal or Business. I've selected Personal. Then I've spent some time on the page where you need to put in your Name, SSN, Account Number, email address, select a username and password and give the answers to two security questions (god, how I hate those non-optional security questions).

First, Chase started giving me javascript alerts that the account number is incorrect — these lamers don't know that certain, if not most, people cannot keep track of numbers without any separators, and Chase IT department seems to disrespect the way every credit card company prints account numbers on the credit cards. So I had to remove the spaces... Anyhow, after I've clicked "next", I was just taken to the first page of the application, where you select the account type (personal or business). I've selected personal again, and was again taken to the page where you put your Name, SSN, Account Number etc. I've had to fill in all of the fields once again.

The next page asked for the first 12 digits of the account number (which I already gave in the previous form), and for the three-digit code on the back of the card. The indication bar at the top didn't change from the previous screen, making the site trully "accessibility-friendly".

After this, there were these two Legal Agreements on the same page. I've started reading them. (And mind you, I've later found that these agreements are 64 kilobytes long (!) in plain text (!), consisting of 10'414 words according to Microsoft Word count, so it's not like you can read them in 15 minutes. In fact, according to Wikipedia, reading speed of adults is around 250 words per minute, so it'll take at least 40 minutes to read these agreements.) Then after around 15 minutes the legal agreements page suddenly refreshed itself to I was so mad! I was already reading these agreements in a hurry because I knew that these lamers don't know anything about usability and accessibility, and that they just plain love to expire sessions, but refreshing the page was something I plain didn't expect.

Luckily for them, I've tried putting my selected username and password onto the login page, and was taken immediately right to the agreements. I finally finished the agreements, but by the time I pressed next, I was again taken to the default login page without any error or notice messages whatsoever.

I was only able to agree to these agreements on the third time of seeing them, and I've even had to press next without even looking if they have not been the replacements of the agreements I've read.

And now today I've decided to make my mozilla remember the password in the Chase login window. Well, it turns out that these lamers at Chase use two different forms for account login: one only with username, and another only with password, and then they use javascript to grab the information from the forms. So it means that it's impossible to use the remember password bookmarklet on Chase web-site.


Just out of curiosity, I've decided to turn javascript off and see how my online banking works: I've found that only Household Bank (HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.) and (HSBC Bank plc) seem to have basic functionality without any javascript being enabled. Capital One and Citi Cards gave me error messages upon the login page of their web-sites, NC SECU gave me an error message when I tried to login, HSBC Bank USA, N.A. gave me a message that my account is invalid, didn't load the "see your account" page at all. But Chase is still the winner: they don't give any error messages whatsoever when you press on the "secure login" button on the credit-card referenced page.

Bottom line: Citi doesn't always work in mozilla, but Chase plain doesn't work at all with their weird way of doing things. Household Bank seems to have the best online banking out of the credit card companies that I have right now.
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