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about HDDs and Western Digital, and RPM fraud

I'm amazed how fraudulent Western Digital Corporation is. Surely, by now everyone has heard that there's been 2TB HDD's on the market, for example, Matt Dillon of DragonFly has been recommending these to go with HAMMER for quite a while.

So, today I go to, and see that they have an announcement regarding an industry first 7200rpm 2TB HDD, 7K2000 series. WTF, I'm thinking to myself, what about WD? So I go to, to see what 2TB HDDs they have. And they have two models: one by Seagate, 5900 rpm, one by WD, "green". I follow the links to WDC's page for this specific product, and go on to find the PDF document with drive characteristics, which goes on as far as to mention in a table things like "LBA Support" "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, ..." for each model, but omits such vital and interesting information as RPM and seek times.

So, to make the long story short, WDC is still where it was several years ago, and I will never buy any of their underperforming and misrepresented products ever. Lower RPM decreases both throughput and latency, and is specifically bad for dealing with many individual files. From the looks, it doesn't even offer much improved power consumption compared to the entry-level HGST offerings if you just need the fastest, cheapest and coolest drive and don't care for the TB. So I highly recommend anyone considering WDC drives to look elsewhere. HGST is my favourite, Seagate seems decent, too.
Tags: 2tb, fraud, hardware, western digital
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