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define pathetic

what would be a pathetic saturday?

go to the revolution night club (that plays pretty crappy music, btw, they don't even play that cool song they have on their web-site), have a bit of fun (me having fun doesn't involve drinking -- editor's note), then after leaving the club just about when the party is over, get rear-ended by someone... who would you think might rear-end you on a saturday night after 2 at the exit from a night club's driveway?.. a local 54 y.o. ontario-born cab driver, driving a cab! pathetic! aren't they supposed to know how to drive and how to not rear-end private traffic?

spent the next hour or two recording the incident, finding an officer and writing a witness report... just one more argument that driving faster is so much safer...

well, a saturday night well spent. ;)
Tags: jetta
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