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Jabber/GTalk/iChat vs. Skype

Some people ask me why don't I use Skype. The reason for this is that I already have quite a number of accounts for various instant messaging. iChat is available as the standard part of OS X, and although the video and audio codecs of iChat don't appear to be compatible with any other Jabber / GTalk clients, the nature of the Jabber protocol allows me to switch to any open-source programme and still keep the contact list intact.

Not the least thing to mention, Skype has a bad security and privacy reputation (that is, even if we disregard the proprietary nature of the protocol and the commercial nature of the official implementation), so I don't see much reason to start the addiction. In the end, a lot of the people I know are already running OS X, so it's not even an argument that they can't video chat with me if there's a need to. ;)
Tags: google talk, gtalk, ichat, jabber, skype
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