March 19th, 2009

artlebedev poster, 2006-03-17, 2189


In my opinion, nowadays it is quite fascinating to find someone in the western world who still cannot use chopsticks. IIRC, I've started using chopsticks a few years ago when I started eating sushi from the Harris Teeter shop on a friend's recommendation. (Of course, even more fascinating is finding someone who still have never even tried sushi, but that's a separate story.)

However, every now and then, the westerners come about to an asian restaurant, and ask for the western utensils. Of course, a westerner would expect that the western utensils should be provided, and that the food cannot be eaten otherwise (at least, this usually serves as a stereotype of a typical westerner). And it is often the case — a knife and a fork are often readily available. But what about the western restaurants? Can I come around, and ask for the chopsticks to eat my pasta in an italian establishment?

P.S. On a funny note, when in France, some BSD hacker from Japan had to bring his own chopsticks and soy sauce to eat the french pizza the japanese style. ;) BTW, he was kind enough to share the soy sauce with me, too — food tastes better with Kikkoman. ^_^
artlebedev poster, 2006-03-17, 2189


it's only fair that the winter 2009 term at waterloo is still ongoing, because we still have the snow outside; it's actually snowing right at the very moment, although when I arrived from japan it was +16°C for a few days...