February 4th, 2009

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21:00. Прошёл пару сотен метров по дороге из офиса до парковки. Холод особенно не чувствуется, так как тепло одет в несколько слоёв, но при дыхании через нос отчётливо ощущается deposition (осаждение, депонирование или десублимация?) воды образование инея из воздуха прямо в носу. :-) На парковке температура была 0°F (−18°C).
artlebedev poster, 2006-03-17, 2189

"You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity."

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Decided to take a peek at the career fair today. Parked right at the entrance to the event near the official time when the fair was about over, and queues of leaving passengers and cars were already formed, right from the parking lots to the University Ave East where I came from.

When the time of the fair was in fact over, there was a huge line of cars from all parking lots going southbound-rightturn-westbound towards University Ave East. (For what it's worth, there was also a huge number of people waiting for the busses around the building, I'm not sure how lucky they all were, because it didn't look like there have been too many busses that could fit all these people, and the time was already close to 16:00, the time of the last bus, so I wouldn't be surprised if the plans of these poor folks were shifted by close to an hour or so, assuming extra bus-trips were in fact made available.)

On the other hand, the northbound-leftturn-westbound road towards University Ave East was totally empty, not a single car in the vicinity. Having wasted about 10 or 15 minutes going the distance of slightly less than 20 cars from the place where I parked towards the ring-like road (towards university ave), I've had enough time to figure out the best way to get the hell out of the mad traffic, thanks to the GPS. Guess which route have I taken when I've approach the ring-like-road, southbound or northbound? :-)

P.S. Looking at Google Maps, I'm curious if anyone at all has taken at least the road through Woolwich Street to University Ave? That road towards Woolwich Street was absent from the maps, but looks reasonable otherwise.

P.P.S. I think the organisers of the fair are to be blamed for this extremely poor coordination of traffic. Their web-site is total junk and doesn't even contain any map of how to get to the place, or how to exit it. It only provide a useless mapquest link that doesn't even work correctly (first, it requires you to provide a starting address, and then, 2001 University Ave doesn't seem to exist on mapquest, and the actual address that they map is off by a wide margin).

To spare a separate entry:
I didn't have a chance to attend much of the job fair (and it was not my intention to start with, because the list of companies wasn't that impressive as far as my interests are concerned), but it didn't really appear to be too massive to me -- IIRC, the job fair I've attended in Leicester was probably about as big, and was actually more accessible by more frequent bus trips from across the uni, IIRC.